Skakun & Spadine

See videos of performances here:

The Bicycle Organ was conceived after Skakun’s bike accident, where she was struck by a car and left unable to walk for a year. The Bicycle Organ refers to the bike she was riding while struck by a car as well as a stationary bike used to regain strength and motion in physical therapy.

The horn from the bike is designed after a honk horn, the horn commonly used on a street bike. The pink and red dyed vinyl ball is an air reservoir that is modeled after the air system of a bagpipe, an instrument traditionally made from largely intact animal skins with tied off ends where the limbs and head protrude from the body. Visually, the horns serve as an exaggeration of the bike horn. They act as a mechanical extension of Skakun’s voice, allowing her to broadcast her scream through her hands.

This is a durational piece, the score is “Play one note until you are tired, play the second note until you are exhausted, play the third note until you can’t anymore.”